Love My Life by ROBBIE WILLIAMS, I’m Still Standing/Elton John & SULTANS Of SWING: Falò cover-s

17 Apr

Robin Williams Love My Life0:01, incipit “incendiario”, ironico e goliardico. Non confondete il defunto attore Robin con Robbie.

00:22, chi è Balanzone, il panzone trombone assai vecchione appartenente al sozzume e lurido vecchiume?

1:36, Love My Life di Robbie Williams, 4:16, bis!

Tether your soul to me
I will never let go completely
One day your hands will be
Strong enough to hold me

I might not be there for all your battles
But you’ll win them eventually
I pray that I’m giving you all that matters
So one day you’ll say to me

I love my life
I am powerful
I am beautiful
I am free

I love my life
I am wonderful
I am magical
I am me
I love my life

I am not my mistakes
And God knows, I’ve made a few
I started to question the angels
And the answer they gave was you

I cannot promise there won’t be sadness
I wish I could take it from you
But you’ll find the courage to face the madness
And sing it because it’s true

7:58, I’m Still Standing di Elton John!

9:39, Sultans of Swing by dire Straits.

di Stefano Falotico.

Il testo della canzone di Williams? No, questo post, a posto?!


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